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Welcome to our Website


I hope you find the information you were looking for and even some you did not expect. Here is what I would like to tell you…

* Once upon a time, my actions in this project … * Once upon a time, my actions in this project … In 2004 I was appointed to take up the challenge in Chimilin for a company still in the fold of Schneider Electric: Mafelec. Mafelec was at the time a recognized company, but without much ambition and in search to reinvent itself. After spending one year with the commercial partners in France and all over the world, I fully understood the dynamics of this company with its 60 years of competence in specific applications (Railway, Industrial Vehicles, Industry and Process, Defence, Elevators, Aeronautic …). I hence saw its potential and I had the desire to put everything in place to guide this team to become a future leader.

In 2006 acquisition of Mafelec… A new start…

What we do :

We develop solutions for control and signalisation for harsh environments. From pushbuttons to switches, from entire driver desks to door control solutions, the Mafelec team offers the best solution for the requirements of our partners.

Company establishment in the making :

We are aware of the need for extremely high quality without neglecting to constantly improve productivity and still remain very reactive. In order to meet these expectancies, we have engaged strategic projects challenging the Lean Manufacturing and Lean Development on site. The results are visible and our actions resolutely reached in the long run.
Our ambition is to prevent in a reactive way the variety of problems our partners could have. We are constantly progressing, in favour of our partners.

* We are leader in France and we are working on becoming a global leader.

Today, I am proud to say that our team has increased competence and is ready tackle the widest range of challenges. At the moment we have mobilized more than 300 people: 230 at Mafelec, about fifty at Petercem and at Stopcircuit respectively. We have doubled our business volume in 7 years, 50 % of this turnover is made in export, which is a strong sign of acknowledgement and trust of our customers.

Growth both chosen and controlled :

Without improvement there can be no progress. Growth in terms of business volume, competence, product range, geographic market presence, allows us to position ourselves in market niches thus to contribute to provide better service to our partners. The world is advancing; Mafelec is involved in this movement and wishes to play an important part.

Our Values :

* A PCR attitude

Our attitude Positive, Creative, Reactive has always allowed ourselves to rebound on the subjects. It is this constructive challenging that allows for a better tomorrow. This attitude is neither insignificant nor ordinary and requires rigorous work on oneself.

* We lead our teams in this spirit.

A modern company does not count today without its essence: the women and men coming together each day within this project. Our values are founded on strong human beings oriented towards a long term vision. We believe that we cannot win these days with a short term vision. We are a company with strong technical values: from optics to electromagnetism, our experts respond to the questions of our partners in the briefest deadlines.

* We are constantly on the lookout for the most innovative solutions…

Our laboratory will certify the best quality by testing the solutions under the most extreme conditions, which permits our partners to be more effective. We aspire to zero failure, we have also put appropriate indicators in place that leads to better management and continuous improvement of the project. Quality is not a luxury but an obligation.

Mafelec are all the men and women, a whole team on board, committed to supporting our partners in a win-win relationship. We are gaining in competence, in customer recognition and in expertise; you are gaining a service ….

* Our ambition :

We wish to put adapted solutions and customization within everybody’s reach, to those who are looking for technical, economic and ergonomic efficiency. All those years of work and the constant challenging will allow them to affirm their leadership. This is how we, Mafelec, will become a global leader. We stay true to our values, to those at the foundation of our success: our human vision of business, our commitment to competence and the permanent search for improvement. If those values are familiar to you, come and meet us at trade fares all around the world, come visit one of our sites, you are welcome to meet and exchange with our teams.… We are always on the look out for new talents: do not hesitate!

I hope to see you soon,
Gilles Heinrich,