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Commitments to Quality, Safety and the Environment


I wish to develop Mafelec and give it the dynamics to place us as leader and worldwide specialist in the creation of control solutions, signalling, switches and protection for harsh environments.Turned towards and focused on our niche markets, railway, mobile, energy and industry, elevators, defence/navy and aeronautics, we wish to be performant on small and medium quantities with specifically adapted products in order to make sure that our services comply with our customers demands. Especially with the specific requirements such as nuclear safety.

Confronted with the evolution of the markets and the complexity of the international economic context, we continue to evolve! Our priority is and must remain CUSTOMER SATISFACTION in the quality of our products and services. The Zero defects project will help us to remain attentive to the customers demands. We will also be more and more present in order to continue anticipating the applications and constantly optimize the use of our products.

We are focused on a partnership as suppliers which will bring out the best in us for our customers.
We must invest in innovation and in risk anticipation making sure that our industrial choices are safe choices. MAFELEC will rely on the technical experts for the development of new products. The project managers will have a strategic role in the coordination of these efforts.
Growth is a necessity for our company project : It focuses on our demanding markets: we will launch ambitious projects such as the M desk, the M switch and this will complete our M light and M DOOR ranges.
Industrial tools should be modernized. We focus our efforts on the optimized industrialization and continuing Lean policy and at all levels the company will question itself to reduce the quantity of waste. The financial gains will then be redistributed to those having contributed, the customers, by offering more competitive prices, and in the form of financial compensation to the employees.

Safety is one of my preoccupations internally for our employees as well as for our customers and their customers. More ergonomic working tools in line with prevention of health and safety. We supply products using equipment where the safety of the employees is at stake. We will invest in the environment. This must be integrated in our procedures by the prevention of the pollution and apply it daily by a better command and recycling of our waste and the reduction of our energy consumption, in compliance with all the demands. Most of our customers are also involved in the protection of our environment: We will manufacture lighter and less energy consuming products for them.

In the next few years, the emphasis will be on team work: we will seriously invest in IT tools, in the infrastructure as well as in management tools to create Mafelec 4.0. In the future, some connected work stations will allow a person in production to directly forward his needs to a technician in the technical department. So this will change our approach and will improve our efficiency. Our efforts in reliability and the implementation of compliance in our data bases will be a necessity.

For 10 years our values have been based on and summarized by 3 letters: PCR, Positive, Creative and Reactive this has become Performance, Communication and Rigor. I am aware of the efforts expected from each and every one in this approach and I commit myself to unite our teams to follow this change and continue in our modernization.

The strengthening of the team with our sister companies Petercem, Stopcircuit, Full Electronic System and Comtronic is an opportunity for Mafelec. I commit myself to see that each company keeps its own strategy.

Mafelec will continue its expansion by choosing controlled growth by using new skills and I will watch over the interactions between the different teams. The international market remains a top priority.

The first wealth of this company is its human value (M/F equality index: 76), it is our first concern. The well-being of each of us is essential for the global modernization project and I commit myself to transparent communication to make attachment easier.

I sincerely commit myself, to the permanent approach to continual improvement. The objectives set are regularly reviewed in the Board of Directors and I will decide on the necessary actions to reach them. My Board of Directors will support me to deploy this policy and to make sure that its adequation is permanent. I will give the resources, skills and any necessary means to ensure that my commitments are carried out.

  I am proud to belong,to Mafelec.   Chimilin, August 31st 2015, Gilles HEINRICH, CEO


Our approved sysytem

Our customers recognize our product management and the adapted solutions to their demands whatever their field of activity may be; Alstom Transport, Alstom Power, SNCF, Bombardier, RATP, Faiveley, Nexter, Thales, EDF, Iveco, Boeing, Airbus, Zodiac, Aircelle and OTIS.

As we respect our customers demands and those of the different markets on which we are present, our quality management system has been approved of for many years: ISO9001, IRIS, Bureau Veritas Marine, CCC, UL, CSA, Certifer, ISO14001, RATP RQPF, Otis Q+, Alstom LP150…