Driving Station

Driving Station

The essential functionality of bus drivers

In order to ensure reliable and quality service to bus and coach users, the command and signaling of opening and closing doors is a key feature. Due to their frequent use at the driving station level, these push-buttons must be sturdy and durable.

Present for more than 10 years in the world of urban transport, MAFELEC equips the interior of vehicles in Europe and across the world and offers solutions that meet these needs.

The expertise of MAFELEC solutions

The push-buttons and indicator lights of our M-Desk range installed on the driving stations are known for their resistance, reliability and multiple customizations (configuration of the pictograms by the customer to simplify their management of product references).

In addition, we also propose emergency stop buttons and manipulators from our C22 auxiliary range for driver’s operations panel to meet safety requirements.

Our ranges are designed to meet normative requirements.

The key figures are as follows:

  • More than 5 million products in operation
  • More than 100 railroad projects equipped
  • Over 40 years of expertise

Our product ranges for the driver's cab

Compact push button - M-Desk range
Bus & Coaches / Industrial vehicles / Industry

Compact push button - M-Desk range

  • Backlit button for instrument panels
  • PLC control interface
  • Front panel mounting, 30mm hole
  • Captioned tappet at the customer’s site
Joystick - C22 range
Bus & Coaches / Defence / Energy / Industrial vehicles / Industry / Railway

Joystick - C22 range

  • Auxiliary control with bidirectional handle
  • Up to 4 positions
  • Up to 4 NO or NC contacts per position
  • Diameter 22, round collar
  • Ui: 630V / Ith: 20A
  • Rod version (ball pin)