Our history

A word from the President

I hope you find the information you were looking for or even the information you were not expecting.

Once upon a time, I was called to take up a challenge in Chimilin for a company that was then part of Schneider Electric: Mafelec. At the time, Mafelec was a well-known company but without much ambition and was looking to reinvent itself. After spending a year with partner customers in France and around the world, I understood the competence of this company with 60 years of experience in specific applications (railways, industrial vehicles, energy, military, elevators, aeronautics…). I saw the potential and wanted to set everything in motion to guide this team towards becoming a leader. In 2006 I acquired Mafelec…. A new start…

What we do:

We develop control and signalling solutions for harsh environments. From push buttons to switches, from complete control panels to door control solutions, Mafelec’s teams offer solutions that are best suited to the needs of our partners.

Business project in the making:

We are aware of the need for very high quality without forgetting the need to improve our productivity, while remaining very reactive. In order to meet these expectations, we have launched strategic projects to review our performance with Lean Manufacturing and Lean Development projects. The results are visible and our action is resolutely long-term. Our ambition is to react to the increasingly varied problems of our partners. We are constantly making progress, at the service of our partners.

We are leaders in France and are investing to become a world leader.

Today I am proud to be able to say that this team is growing in competence and is ready to take up the various challenges. We now have nearly 450 people working for us: 230 at Mafelec, about a hundred at Petercem and Stopcircuit, about sixty at Comtronic and about twenty at Full Electronic System. We have doubled our turnover in 10 years, 50% of which is generated by exports, which is a strong sign of recognition and confidence from our customers.

Chosen and controlled growth:

He who does not move forward can no longer progress. Growth in terms of turnover, skills, product ranges and presence in geographical markets enables us to reposition ourselves in our niche markets and thus provide a better service to our partners. The world is progressing, Mafelec is part of this change and wishes to play a decisive card.

Our values:

A PCR state of mind

Our Positive, Creative, Reactive mindset has always allowed us to bounce back from issues. It is the constructive questioning which allows a constant better tomorrow. This state of mind is not banal, trivial and requires a thorough work on oneself. We accompany our teams in this sense. A modern company cannot count today without its essence: the women and men who meet every day around this project. Our values are based on a solid human background oriented towards a long-term vision. We believe that we cannot win today with a short term vision.

We are a company with strong technical values

From optics to electromagnetism, our experts will answer our partners’ questions as soon as possible. We are constantly looking for more innovative solutions…. Our laboratory will certify the best quality by testing the solutions in the most extreme conditions and thus enable our partners to be more efficient. We aspire to zero defects, so we have put in place the appropriate indicators allowing us to better manage and continuously improve the project.

Quality is not a luxury, it is a duty

Mafelec is a team of men and women on deck who work alongside our partners in a win/win relationship. We gain in competence, influence and expertise, you gain a service …

Our ambition:

Nous souhaitons mettre les solutions adaptées, le sur mesure à la portée de tous nos partenaires dans le monde, ceux We want to make custom solutions available to all our partners around the world, those who are looking for technical, economic and ergonomic efficiency. All these years of work and questioning will enable them to assert their leadership. We will thus become a world leader. We will remain faithful to our values, those which are the basis of our success: our human vision of business, our commitment to competence and the constant search for improvement. If these values speak to you, come and meet us at trade fairs around the world, come and visit one of our sites, come and talk to our teams… We are always looking for talent: don’t hesitate!

See you soon,
Gilles Heinrich,


The 50’s

Leyssins factory

Manufacture des Alpes Françaises created in 1947 in Grenoble by Mr MATHONET.
In 1955 the head office and workshop were transferred to Chimilin by Mr André RICHIER. M.A.F has only two important customers:

  • The French Navy (Warships)
  • The Merchant Navy (Paquebot France, Oil tankers)
Our product the K64 – 125 motorized

The 1960s

MAF factory

In the 1960s, new products appeared: C22, C800, K800 (range of switches) enabled MAF to access the markets of car manufacturers such as Peugeot, Renault and Citroën.
The workforce grew to 91 people.

The 1970s

MAF factory

Our main products are referenced by major administrations such as: EDF, SNCF and RATP. The number of employees continues to increase and in 1977 we have grown to 177 employees.

We participate in European trade fairs where we present our product ranges and create a demonstration truck !

The 1980s

Our workshops in 1980

The 1980s saw the modernization of the C22 range.

EIn 1989, MAF acquired a silk-screen printing and keyboard manufacturing workshop.

The 1990s

Factory in 1995

The company’s offices are expanded. The company develops new ranges such as control boxes and control systems with the creation of lift buttons for our new partner OTIS.

In 1998, Mafelec became a company of the Schneider Electric group.

Control panel
Pusbutton OTIS

The 2000s

Construction of a new building

Production is expanded with the construction of a new building, shipping docks and a new warehouse.

The years 2006:

Our President, Gilles HEINRICH, bought the company in 2006! Mafelec reconnects with its historical customers and establishes the basis of a new state of mind, the PCR: Positive Creative Reactive

Seminars, recruiting, open houses, international trade fairs and new product development are all part of Mafelec’s daily routine.

In 2009, our export area is expanding thanks to our presence in 19 countries. We are also pursuing our policy of continuous improvement with the implementation of lean manufacturing and robotized production on large series.

In the years 2009-2010, two companies join the family:

PETERCEM, expert in microcontact solutions for the aeronautical industry

STOPCIRCUIT, expert of the safety of the machines and the Men

In 2015, two other companies joined us:

COMTRONIC, expert in man-machine interfaces in the aeronautical field

FULL ELECTRONIC SYSTEM, electronic design office

In 2017 :

PETERCEM Sensors, a specialist in current and voltage sensors completes our product offering

2018, creation of a joint venture in China:

AujoToday, MAFELEC TEAM is composed of 6 companies, addressing customers in various environments such as railway, bus, industrial vehicle, energy, industry, aeronautics, defence and elevator. Our product ranges are reliable, robust and totally adapted to the customers’ needs.

The adventure continues…. !