The Energy Market

MAFELEC, a major partner in energy production and transport

The Energy Market

For more than 50 years, MAFELEC has been a major and qualified partner of major contractors in the field of energy production and transport. As a specialist in Human/Machine interfaces, our solutions meet and adapt to customer needs.

Reliability and sturdiness of the provided solutions

In accordance with market requirements, MAFELEC provides a wide range of control and signaling devices such as push-buttons, switches, indicators and signaling boxes. These solutions meet the needs of control rooms, electrical distribution cabinets and the installation of ultimate diesels emergency. With its long experience, MAFELEC has the skill and expertise to find the most reliable and sturdy solution to your specific requirements.


MAFELEC, a recognized player in the nuclear industry

Our products, known for their reliability, are designed to operate in the harshest environments to ensure the protection and smooth operation of systems and equipment. All our solutions are developed and tested by meeting the specific requirements of nuclear reference frame.