The Commercial Vehicle Market

A diversified offer for over 40 years

The Commercial Vehicle Market

MAFELEC offers a wide range of products adapted to your needs and intended for your on-board applications in the field of industrial vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles, specific trucks, airport equipment and machinery, road equipment and agricultural machinery. We offer a variety of customized solutions for your harshest environments.

A mastered and compliant know-how

Our expertise in technology and compliance with specific standards guarantees the reliability of our products:

  • Hardware standards
  • Shock, vibration and IP
  • Fire/Smoke Standard
  • High temperatures
  • French and international standards
  • REACH and RoHS regulations, …


Our control and signalling ranges extend from emergency stop buttons to switches, joysticks and indicators, also available in encapsulated versions. We have a range of control boxes: flush-mounted pushbutton boxes (BBE), intuitive pendant boxes (BPI) and fixed or mobile control boxes (BTH). All these products comply with the requirements for operation in harsh environments.