Power electronics

Power electronics

New market needs

The development of electric and hybrid motorisation is combined with the increase in on-board power electronics in vehicles. MAFELEC and PETERCEM have been used in power conversion of vehicles and substations for more than 40 years.

Nos solutions Our power electronics solutions for the bus and coaches’ market

From the measure of current and voltage to the safe isolation, connection and voltage detection functions, our range is integrated into various on-board applications. It is composed of:

–   Current sensors

–   Voltage sensors

–   Insulators

–   Junction block

MAFELEC and PETERCEM products compliant with European standards

We address both standard needs and specific requests. Our products are qualified according to European standards ISO9001, UL.

The key figures:

More than 200 active product references

  • 150,000 insulators/year

Measure from 100A to 40 000A

Over 40 years of expertise

Our product ranges for power electronics

Insulators and Bushings
Bus & Coaches / Defence / Energy / Industry / Railway

Insulators and Bushings

  • Material : polyester fibreglass
  • Low and medium voltage
  • Wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Male or female connection
  • Conformity to the NF F 61-016 standard
Terminal blocks
Bus & Coaches / Defence / Energy / Industry / Railway

Terminal blocks

  • Rod terminal blocks
  • Pitch from 10.5mm to 43mm
  • Connection for lugs or bars
  • Compliance with UL94 V0