Chairman's letter - December 2023

Once upon a time, Mafelec…

The story of Mafelec could be likened to a fairy tale. A company with no future and no ambition 19 years ago, now a leader in its markets worldwide.

Today, the company is dynamic, with ever more obvious synergies and unrivalled latent potential!

The lead role is given to a courageous, open-minded, curious and committed Mafélécian…. Positive, Creative, Reactive!

He questions himself every day, he wants to, sometimes he has doubts, but he believes, holds on, builds and progresses.

Set in the North of Isère, it’s cold in winter, hot in summer, but generally good.

The scenario: a battle against the deindustrialization of a beautiful country.

And then there’s the need to help our partner customers move ever faster in an increasingly crazy world. Understand, adapt, fight, dare, do, make mistakes, understand and recover. Reinforce your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

The secret: our values, which are rooted in PCR and 1+1! It’s about being patient with yourself and others. It means playing with and within your team, which then becomes stronger and stronger, almost invincible.

As a result, Mafelec offers a wide range of interesting and exciting jobs, with the potential to develop both in terms of salary and responsibilities.

The exceptional orders at the beginning, which were in the order of a few hundred thousand euros, grew to 1 million, then 2-3 million, then 5 million… and the latest this year, 12 million Euros!

And then the ultimate reward: new and old products that can now be seen all over the world.

What I remember most is the state of mind we’ve succeeded in creating: No fear of a future that is in any case uncertain, because thanks to our highly competent and responsive structure, we are able to reposition ourselves on strategic subjects very quickly. The Covid touchless solution is a fine illustration of this: we always have innovations to offer!

We have successfully managed the past, and we will continue to build an even better future, while improving our financial performance, so that we remain in control of our decisions right to the end.

I just wanted to say how proud I am to be leading these Mafelecians today.
You are fantastic! Better every day!

Pilote, leader, qualitician, project buyer, product manager, project manager, technical expert… So many new professions, so many new skills for ever greater challenges.

Here we’re using a new ERP, there we’re moving from warehouseman to logistician, there we’re rolling out and following a global road map, there we’re acquiring and appropriating a new skill that’s fundamental to the project.

There’s never a dull moment at Mafelec!

2023 will be another record year.

Well done!

Our sales will exceed 41 million euros. Our profitability will exceed 2.5 million. Our profit-sharing bonus will reach its maximum this year: 8%, which will be more than twice what we have had in recent years. We will be distributing a Macron bonus of 500 euros at the end of December. We will open the NAOs in January.

Let’s not forget that our real limits are those we set ourselves, and that none of us should – or can – face the challenge alone.

Thank you all very much,

Thank you Mafelec,

Let’s keep up the momentum!

Gilles Heinrich