Passenger interface

Passenger interface

The MAFELEC expertise in the bus and coach market

Present for more than 10 years in the world of urban transport, MAFELEC proposes Human/Machine interface (HMI) solutions in command, signaling and recharging located inside vehicles in Europe and worldwide.

Our human-machine interface solutions

Our M-Door range consists of passenger control buttons and light indicators that can be put inside and outside vehicles, on columns, walls and windows, to meet stop request or vehicle accessibility functions for all users.

The variety of pictograms and colors available makes it possible to define adapted solutions that meet the different UFR and PMR requirements.

It is complemented with charging solutions for electronic equipment (PC, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.) of type 230VAC +T socket in European format and USB socket type A and/or type C powered by our AC/DC or DC/DC converters.

An offer that can be adapted to your needs

The width of our offer, customizable according to your needs, will allow you to define the solutions adapted to your different environments, in order to improve the comfort, accessibility and safety of passengers.

Our products are adapted to the requirements of Regulation 107.

The key figures are as follows :

  • Over 300,000 products in operation
  • More than 100 railroad projects equipped
  • More than 50 years of expertise

Our product ranges for passenger interfaces

Fixed or mobile control box - BTH range
Bus & Coaches / Industrial vehicles / Industry

Fixed or mobile control box - BTH range

  • Fixed or mobile housing for tailgate and other industrial control applications
  • Combination of 1 to 4 control units
  • Customization of control interfaces and schematics
  • To be wired or plug&play
Buzzer - M-Door range
Bus & Coaches / Defence / Railway

Buzzer - M-Door range

  • Multi-tone buzzer.
  • 7 programmable sound sequences
  • Fixed volume with 10 dB adjustment range
  • Frequency from 350 to 3000 Hz
  • TSI PMR and EN 14752 compatible
  • Voltage range from 24Vdc to 110Vdc
Special indicators
Bus & Coaches / Defence / Energy / Industry / Railway

Special indicators

  • Special LED lights from 36mm to 80mm
  • Visible from all directions
  • Protection class IP65
  • Voltage range from 12Vdc to 110Vdc
  • Compliant with railway standards